Flash Animations

NOTE: Flash animations will not play on iPads and other tablets, as this feature is not supported. Until this changes animated GIFs are the only animations that will work on iPads and other tablets.

FLASH animations can be mixed with regular HTML websites to add some movement and even demonstrate a product’s function. 

If you have a business where you supply data on CD/DVD, you could include a Flash presentation to advertise your business, with links to your website & email,etc. Sometimes CD/DVDs are copied or shared by many people, including potential customers. With a couple of clicks of a mouse to any CD/DVD you create, you can add your own Flash presentation, giving you practically FREE ADVERTISING.

flipper1The Lucky Coin animation above is an animated GIF viewable on tables and computers.
The flash animations below are viewable ONLY on computers and NOT on iPads or other tablets.



Virtual Edge Communications uses this COOL device to process charge card payments as well as document cash sales. We can use this on our iPad, Mini iPad or iPod (we do not have an iPhone).

If you sell products or services, you can boost your sales by offering to accept charge cards.

We use the Square device to accept sales at The White Rock Beach Gallery – Waterfront Promenade Gallery. Want to see how simple this Square is to use? Come to White Rock Beach and if we are set up, buy some postcards, greeting cards, magnets or canvas prints and we will show you how simple it is to use and email you a receipt, saving the trees for the squirrels or postcards. LOL