PowerPoint Presentations

High-end, custom PowerPoint presentations designed to make you look great!

With Microsoft Office being a fixture on most computers, PowerPoint has become the industry standard for presentations. Most opt to use standard-issue templates, but why not give your presentation the “Virtual Edge” over your competition.

PowerPoint Presentation Design Services

Let us improve your existing presentation or we can create a brand new custom design:

  • Edit text to enhance readability
  • Reformat slides for a more professional look
  • Modify color scheme for an updated appearance
  • Add custom background images
  • Custom template of your logo / company graphics
  • Add graphics / photographs / animated effects
  • Create custom graphics to support data
  • 3D transitions and animated effects including logo
  • Original artwork / photography for backgrounds, charts, and illustrations
  • Table of contents and navigation
  • Custom photographs and movie clips
  • And more!

Screen captures from a
PowerPoint Presentation created for

St Joseph’s Health Centre in London, Ontario


We have created PowerPoint presentations from about a dozen slides or screens to produce a final presentation containing over 100 slides or screens. PowerPoint presentations can add visual support to your presentations or act as a stand alone looping slideshow. The only limit is your imagination.powerpoint-greenhills



Virtual Edge Communications uses this COOL device to process charge card payments as well as document cash sales. We can use this on our iPad, Mini iPad or iPod (we do not have an iPhone).

If you sell products or services, you can boost your sales by offering to accept charge cards.

We use the Square device to accept sales at The White Rock Beach Gallery – Waterfront Promenade Gallery. Want to see how simple this Square is to use? Come to White Rock Beach and if we are set up, buy some postcards, greeting cards, magnets or canvas prints and we will show you how simple it is to use and email you a receipt, saving the trees for the squirrels or postcards. LOL