PowerPoint Presentations

High-end, custom PowerPoint presentations designed to make you look great!

With Microsoft Office being a fixture on most computers, PowerPoint has become the industry standard for presentations. Most opt to use standard-issue templates, but why not give your presentation the “Virtual Edge” over your competition.

PowerPoint Presentation Design Services

Let us improve your existing presentation or we can create a brand new custom design:

  • Edit text to enhance readability
  • Reformat slides for a more professional look
  • Modify color scheme for an updated appearance
  • Add custom background images
  • Custom template of your logo / company graphics
  • Add graphics / photographs / animated effects
  • Create custom graphics to support data
  • 3D transitions and animated effects including logo
  • Original artwork / photography for backgrounds, charts, and illustrations
  • Table of contents and navigation
  • Custom photographs and movie clips
  • And more!

Screen captures from a
PowerPoint Presentation created for

St Joseph’s Health Centre in London, Ontario


We have created PowerPoint presentations from about a dozen slides or screens to produce a final presentation containing over 100 slides or screens. PowerPoint presentations can add visual support to your presentations or act as a stand alone looping slideshow. The only limit is your imagination.powerpoint-greenhills