Search Engine Services

Virtual Edge Communications’ search engine optimization service helps drive focused website traffic that translates into sales for your company. Our search engine optimization services concentrate on achieving rankings for your website in the top positions of the Top 10 search engines. There are hundreds of companies promising first in all search engines, but if more than 10 companies are fighting for the same spot, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for them to all deliver. The Internet may have more than 500 million users. Proper website optimization is not a one-time effort — it’s an ongoing competition as the rules change on an ongoing basis. Virtual Edge’s search engine optimization service drives the traffic your site deserves. Listings submitted for review are highly targeted and optimized for the most appropriate keywords. Your time or your advertising money are valuable assets and the wrong campaign can make your monthly advertising budget fluctuate.

A known fact about search engine placement: The more links to your website from other sites, the higher the placement your site will rank in search engines.

Most websites done by students and friends are NOT optimized for search engine placement. This is a common complaint we receive from clients who allow inexperienced people to create a hurried website: Their cut-rate site has been on the Internet for a few years and has not brought any visitors or business.

How much should a website cost? An effective website should not cost a cent! By this we mean it should bring in revenue to offset the expense. If your website is not found, how can it be a 24-7 online salesperson?

A visitor who finds your site through a search engine is actively seeking your service or product. They’re much more likely to buy from you than a passive bystander. If your home-based business, small business, or corporation uses a website, your Internet marketing success is largely determined by whether or not your business website is found in search engines.