FAQ – Writing, Editing, and eBook Publishing

Q: What kind of writing services do you provide?

A: Press releases, web content, blogs, newsletters, brochures, reports, articles, résumés, and cover letters.


Q: I’m already a decent writer. Why would I need an editor?

A: Even good writers need a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes we look at something for so long, we see only what we want to see. An editor doesn’t just look for grammar and spelling errors. Editors strive for continuity, elimination of jargon, and clarifying meaning. We try to make sure you look good in all your communications. Hiring an editor can save you time and money, cutting to the heart of the matter and preventing you from having to revise already printed material. Editors can simply easy the worries associated with publishing and/or printing any information.



Q: Why should I have you publish my eBook?

A: Publishing a book or eBook can be a very time consuming process. Before even considering publishing, your book needs professional editing, which we can provide. And layout and design can make or break the success of your book.

We have experience editing and publishing books written by children for children, as well as books written by adults. In addition, we’ve published four eBooks and one printed book of our own.


Q: Which is better: eBooks or printed books?

A: One isn’t necessarily better, but eBooks have greatly increased in popularity in the last few years. Publishing your book as an eBook means you can get your material into your reader’s hands a lot quicker.

The big bookstores are closing their brick and mortar storefronts and switching to online operations to better serve the demand for digital downloads. The wide acceptance of tablets and ereaders, as well as mobile phones, is driving the desire for eBooks.

People who like to travel with books are embracing the ease of carrying hundreds of books on their portable ereader devices. And many people have run out of bookshelf space to add any more printed books to their reading collection.

The costs involved in publishing an eBook are far below publishing a printed book, and eBooks can be in the hands of your readers far quicker. There likely will always be people who like the feel of a physical book in their hands, but more people than ever are switching to eBooks for everyday reading.


Q: How can I sell an eBook?

A: Lots of ways: your own website, Amazon, ClickBank, Smashwords, etc. Or a combination of those. We can help you set up an online presence for marketing your eBook in the form of a website or blog, as well as provide assistance in using the services of the various online marketing sites.


Q: What are reasons for publishing an eBook?

A: There may be many reasons. Here are our top ten:

  1. You want to get your story on the internet for downloading.
  2. You want the proceeds of your book to benefit a charity.
  3. You want to turn your story into a money-making venture.
  4. You have time-sensitive information that can’t wait for printing.
  5. You have been rejected by publishers but you know there’s interest in your story.
  6. You do not want to wait about a year or more for a publishing house to finally publish your printed book.
  7. The cost involved in producing an eBook is a lot less than a printed book, plus there are no costs involved for storing or shipping.
  8. You want to raise money from selling an eBook to cover the cost of publishing a printed version of your book.
  9. You want the glory of being a published author.
  10. Publishing a book is on your bucket list.