Stained Glass

Locations: 1 Location ~ Church
Time: (10 hours) photography, retouching, perspective control, batch resizing
Final Photos: 30 photos
# of Photographers: 1
These images were created to document stained glass windows in a church. High resolution photos were supplied for documentation for insurance purposes and to keep a record. In the event of damage by natural disaster or vandalism, the high resolution images could be very valuable for restoration or recreation. The images were corrected for perspective control. Half of the windows were on the upper wall. The pictures were exposed for proper viewing.

Click Here for a wedding that was photographed in this church.



Virtual Edge Communications uses this COOL device to process charge card payments as well as document cash sales. We can use this on our iPad, Mini iPad or iPod (we do not have an iPhone).

If you sell products or services, you can boost your sales by offering to accept charge cards.

We use the Square device to accept sales at The White Rock Beach Gallery – Waterfront Promenade Gallery. Want to see how simple this Square is to use? Come to White Rock Beach and if we are set up, buy some postcards, greeting cards, magnets or canvas prints and we will show you how simple it is to use and email you a receipt, saving the trees for the squirrels or postcards. LOL