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Virtual Edge Communications / Ric Wallace has been in business for over 37 years offering Photography, Drone Photography, Website Design, Graphic Design, Wall Art and promotional products. We have produced over 300 designs of postcards, greeting cards and over 200+ magnet designs for visitors to White Rock Beach / South Surrey British Columbia Canada. This makes us the #1 Producer, Retailer & Wholesaler of White Rock / South Surrey Postcards, Greeting Cards & Magnets. The total number of postcards we have printed is north of 600,000.

These are some of the current White Rock Beach & area POSTCARD retailers where we maintain the cards, meaning BEST SELECTION:

    1.– Buy Online – We ship worldwide
    2. The White Rock Beach Gallery – Waterfront Promenade Gallery – (weather permitting)
    3. Mr White Rock – Ric Wallace 604-259-0105 – VISA, MasterCard, Debit & CASH
    4. Beaches Swimwear 14885 Marine Drive, White Rock BC V4B 1C2
    5. Sunnyside Evergreen Pharmacy – 2397 King George Blvd. Surrey BC V4A 5A4
    6. Pier Souvenirs  – 14969 Marine Drive, White Rock BC V4B 1C3

NOTE: Some retailers will have limited POSTCARD selections due to space. Please support the above local businesses that support our efforts.

We also operate the White Rock Beach Gallery year round weather permitting. Some of our retailers have had sales in the thousands at the checkout for a single month with our postcards, greeting cards, and magnets. We have been able to track what people are buying, but through our sales at The White Rock Beach Gallery we get to see who are buying our products. This has been valuable information and product height or placement has taught us to place wildlife products at eye level for the children to tell their parents, “I want that!” Simply greeting people with Hi where are you from? helps repeat sales to people from the same region. Another successful sales pitch is to tell visitors that I have a magnet or postcard with your favorite color(s). With White Rock Beach, BC being a tourist destination for local & world visitors, we have increased sales every year knowing what they will want to buy. Simply watching what draws in potential customers and seeing what they buy is valuable information.

We also offer Photo Restoration services: see .  Other services or items produced are 3 pins, 3 Lucky coins, postcard packs, logos, business cards, stamps, stickers, T shirts, rack cards, conceptual drawings, posters, and more. 



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Virtual Edge Communications / Ric Wallace has produced a unique set of postcard sets (ONLY PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET) that documents the start of the Storm of the Century that took out the famous White Rock pier, the helicopter rescue and all the destruction that the 100-year storm caused.  Shortly after these were produced they were sold by the City of White Rock to help raise money for the reconstruction of the pier. Having taken over 1300 photos and videos of the storm, the images are sold on photo prints, wall art – metal prints, canvas, acrylic prints, magnets and greeting cards. Because of the success of the Storm of the Century postcard packs, we have assembled many other packs, such as: Sunrise pack, Sunset pack, Pier pack, Crow pack, Tourist pack, Bird pack, Animal pack and many others.



Telling White Rock’s Storm of the Century in Pictures and Postcards

Ric Wallace, Artographer & White Rock Beach resident
Tel: (604) 259-0105
PO Box 75214, RPO White Rock, Surrey BC V4A 0B1

Telling White Rock’s Storm of the Century in Pictures and Postcards

The historic and disastrous storm of the century on December 20, 2018 in White Rock, BC caused millions in damages but LUCKILY spared the lives of White Rock residents and visitors. As an east beach resident and participant in the Artist Walk program on the waterfront, Ric Wallace was seconds away from the action working on his computer. As the storm intensified, he could hear a loud BANG, BANG, BANG of the glass balcony canopy on a neighboring house, and with a camera always at the ready, he ventured out across Marine Drive to get a first-hand look.

While snapping pictures, Wallace tried unsuccessfully to protect his camera and lens from the salt spray and did something no professional photographer would do under normal circumstances: more than once he went into the washroom to dry his lens and camera with toilet paper and under the hand dryer. Venturing back out into the storm, he asked a stranger if she would mind if he used her back as a salt-spray shield, and he continued recording this historic happening as both stills and video. Suddenly another bystander shouted that the boats had come loose and were smashing into the pier.


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Wallace rushed west up Marine Drive – the promenade was too risky because of the high waves and debris littering the walkway. He captured on camera the sailboats smashing into White Rock’s landmark pier, acting as crowbars with the force of the waves and wind thrusting the vessels under and up through the pier, lifting the decking that gave the pier its strength. He also watched and recorded the successful rescue of the stranded visitor, who was cut off from the shore by the now missing midsection of the pier.

Knowing that many people would want a keepsake of this moment in history when White Rock’s over 100-year-old pier was destroyed by the Storm of the Century with a wind force likened to a Category 1 hurricane, Wallace has produced a selection of prints suitable for framing, and now has available postcard sets, time-stamped on the back indicating when the photograph was taken, showing the progression of the damage to the pier as well as the dramatic Coast Guard rescue. The waterfront restaurants Moby Dick’s Fish & Chips and Charlie Don’t Surf  both have purchased photo enlargements to display on their walls to share this historic event with their customers for years to come.

Storm of the Century Postcard Sets
$42 Set $55 Set $100 Set $125 Set
Contact Sheets Included With All Sets

The collector postcards will be offered for sale as a set to share the story of the destruction of the midsection of the White Rock Beach pier. There is a 14-postcard pack of the Storm of the Century for $30 and another pack containing the 14 storm postcards plus an additional 10 postcards of the pier and beach in its glory for $40 (before Stormageddon 2018) . There are other collector packs listed online at, which are expected to become highly prized collector items as well.
The postcard sets will come with a Certificate of Authenticity which might make these cherished items for generations to come or investments to be sold online or at auctions in years to come. These postcard sets are for sale online at and They will also be available at the White Rock Beach Gallery ( on the west beach waterfront, weather permitting, or people can contact Ric Wallace directly (

Ric Wallace has been made famous many times for recognizing when an opportunity comes knocking. The BANG BANG BANG he heard while he was working at his computer was the UNIVERSE KNOCKING LOUDLY and telling him to get out and take some photos of this historic event. The universe also rewarded him for his efforts by telling him to register the domain which had just become available Christmas morning December 25, 2018.

If climate change experts are correct in their predictions of rising sea levels and stronger storms in the future, a pier that is higher and stronger along with a higher and longer breakwater should be considered to insure that the now estimated $16.2 Million for repairs or replacement of the pier is not wasted money and effort. The White Rock Beach pier is like a part of the family and many memories are tied to it – everything from first dates, weddings, anniversaries, birthday, learning to swim, fishing or snapping award- winning sunrises or sunsets captured from the pier.

Ric Wallace, Artographer – Tel: (604) 259-0105
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